I felt like baking last night and I was going to make my favorite Michael Smith brownies but I was mostly out of butter so I found a recipe for Brownie Cookies I had gathered that only called for 1/4 cup of butter. Had I read the whole recipe before starting I might have passed on it, but as it turns out I was really glad I didn’t as they are truly special; perfect for dark fudgy chocolate brownie lovers; I figure these would be a favorite in any good cookie store. Here’s what they looked like:

Jerk ribs

My reluctance was based on the amount of chocolate and butter to flour. My thought was: there is no way this recipe can turn in to a cookie batter, but when I realized that it was too late. Now when you first put everything together you get a soupy batter just like when you make a brownie pan. But if you allow the mixture to cool in the fridge a bit then it hardens and becomes dough like. I used a small ice cream soup to dish out the “dough”, and this worked fine. Out of fear of baking them too much, I baked them for 9 minutes and that left them gooey inside; a bit underdone. But they were great and the best thing is, they are still great the next day as they are mostly chocolate. The recipe is from Jamie at myBakingAddiction. Thank you Jamie!

My substitutions

I was almost out of butter so I used one tablespoon of butter and three of margarine. I did not have any bittersweet chocolate so I melted 13.5 oz of Chippits and 2.5 oz of Lindt 70% chocolate. Btw, you add another cups of chips at the end; hence the decadence. This produced a really nice dark chocolate taste. Allow the cookies to cool completely so they get chewy or as long as you can wait.

The recipe

See: myBakingAddiction

Bon Appétit!